farm + creamery


our farm


Our farm is located in beautiful Tehama County.  Our flock consists of 200 East Friesian dairy sheep a breed known for their ability to provide excellent milk production.  Our farm provides top animal care in a low stress environment with emphasis on improving animal genetics within our flock.   Our sheep graze local hay fields + luscious seasonal grasses year round.  Each sheep becomes part of our family and we are grateful for every one.  


our creamery


Our creamery [est. 2014] is located on site of our home in Tehama County.  We produce small batch handmade sheep milk products made to order.  Each  product is created and crafted from high quality sheep milk.  Haverton Hill are the only producers of bottled sheep milk in the nation.  Ensuring that we provide the freshest top quality products possible to consumers. Exceptional milk produces exceptional products. Please find details about our sheep milk | sheep milk ice cream | sheep butter on our products page.