One Year + A Month

Well, that was a quick one year and one month since we have moved into our new home.  I would love to be typing and to say our lives have slowed down and we have done less, but it has been the complete opposite. As life seems to be flying by and summer is now coming to a close. We have an almost 11 year old who is turning into quite an amazing little lady! Our horse obsessed Hadley has welcomed her new to us (AHHH- MAZING) horse Oliver Twist.  Thanks to those who helped make this happen. This means horse clothes when the sun rises and all things horses.  I thought I had it bad....NOPE she lives and breathes riding and now that she is jumping she has the itch even more!  Leary well this little lady is our comedian full of smiles and spunk, who (insert tear here) will soon be turning 3!  We have had a fun filled summer with more lake days, family, cuzzy time, lots of local camps, and a two week NY trip (which included all things family, old friends + my visiting my very first horse with the girls ...26 years later).   Summer yet again to go by too fast. The  girls to head to 6th, 3rd + preschool. (insert more tears)  Still wishing I could freeze time and keep them little.  Joe and I have been knocking out the house projects, hard to believe that one year ago our house and property looked the way it did. Our 83 year old house is unrecognizable, we are quite amazed at what some hard work, TLC and love will do.  Did I mention how lucky I am to have one amazing handy husband? We have moved on to the outside renovations which say the least are the hardest yet!  The process of taking out a thousand walnut trees has been a very LONG daunting task but this week they will be all gone and our poor neighbors will no longer have to stare at down trees and one thousand stumps.  We have started demo and removed a few old barns that were non salvageable, barely standing and infested with ground squirrels. (ground squirrels. NO love for them here) another learning curve, who knew ground squirrels can do so much damage? We now have patios that have replaced dirt. A stock tank pool for the girls (well, us too since it is HOT here 100+ degrees in the summer) a green lawn, one awesome dad built playhouse + a beautiful new riding arena in the backyard. Huge progress so far but so much more to do, we are learning to plan and balance our lives with projects, kids work. Not an easy task to say the least.  Speaking of balance we caught up for a podcast a few months ago with Jennifer from @the vendors daughter who chatted all things moving, family, farm, hardships + balance.  Tune in to hear all about our last year.

At the creamery we have been busy!  I don't even want to know how many pints of ice cream we have packed in the last month #factoryworker.  Learning that growth is great, and growth management is key. Joe and I have gone back to doing things ourselves in the creamery and making all the products ourselves.  More together time, since we don't have enough. (insert laugh emoji here) this has allowed us to maintain product consistency and really balance all aspects of our business.  We have made the switch to plastic bottles.  Very sad to see the glass go, but due to regulations after our move keeping the glass was near impossible.  So look for our new quarts in stores now.  Our sheep butter is still limited, so if you see a tub of it, you better grab it!  We are trying our best to get caught up on our butter orders  and get it back in stock at all locations. Our new 8oz ice cream (single serve) portions have hit bay area retailers, we are super excited to have a grab and go option of our line. Our line of ice cream pints have hit the PACIFIC NORTHWEST and ALASKA  We are now in all the Whole Foods Markets in Oregon and Washington state along with a few independents.  Retailers listed on our website.  Still three years later the excitement of adding a retailer is the same as the first day we did.  We are so thankful for each and every customer and our great grocers.  We are working on expanding to other locations, please send us an email if you would like to see Haverton Hill Products in your area. So a year and a month have been packed full, but lots more to come.  We have a few major home + farm projects under our belts that we can't wait to share....stay tuned!