We're Back....... welcome to Richfield

Yes over a whole year since my last blog post....that is how busy, hectic, and emotional this year has been.  To say what a year is a little bit of an understatement.  So much has happened with our family, farm, business and so much more.  To sum it up in our short version.  We now have a 10 year old, (say what), a 7 year old and an adorable spunky 2 year old.    Joe and I have had so many life changes this past year. After many years of business in Sonoma County, we made the decision to leave.  Us leave... a hard decision but one that had to happen.  We have spent many years building our business and found it harder and harder for our small business to sustain the rising rent costs and investments that were not for our own selves or business. In addition of a business ownership change, we found ourselves at a turning point.  After so many years of being financially vested in others properties, this was such a HUGE decision to make, not to mention we now had to move a family of 5, a business, 900+ sheep and so much more. Risky and scary all in one.  I have been so blessed with a family that words can't describe how wonderful they have been this past year.  Joe and I joke they are our "ride or die" family.  As I have always said this is my honest blog.  That being said the amount of tears we have shed as a family could have filled a lake, the many times we said we are quitting, the many times we said there is NO way we can possibly get through this. Every turn there seemed to be a huge roadblock.  From NY and back they rallied for us and were there supporting, calling, our sweet letters, texts.  We couldn't have done it without them.  On top of our major life change we had another one added to our family.  My mom was heading into another surgery and her 4th round of chemo after her ovarian cancer made another appearance. To say this women is a superhero is an understatement. This year as hard as it has been has made us a stronger family, stronger than we ever thought.  Through this last years roller coaster we have learned to dry our tears, head up and move forward. We have learned it is ok to walk away from people and situations and choose health and happiness. We have so many wonderful things to be thankful for. So to those who have helped us and supported through this past year, and our move words are not enough but THANK YOU for the endless support and love!
We bought a farm!   A old run down walnut farm.  No we are not tree farmers (they are going to be removed)  but I have always loved fixer properties, and this one was in the location we loved for the kids and I could see the charm through the tree covered house and squirrel infested barns.  Well, this property took fixer to another level.  It was in way worse shape than we ever thought.  Not to mention after being robbed three times (due to us being back and forth) we were not left with any tools to work with or a mower to even mow with.  (another roadblock)  I have to say also, I never want to go camping ever in my life.  Living through 6 months of renovation I have learned I am a concrete and pool girl! So renovation from top to bottom (thanks to Joes friends bobby + kenneth) for traveling 8 weeks straight at the beginning and for helping get our house gutted and creamery plot prep done!  Four forty yard dumpsters,  more tears, endless amount of work we had, going on no sleep living like we were camping with three kids in tow.  The creamery took longer than expected the house was not together as fast as we hoped #renovationreality.  We are now in our house, kids in their adorable new school, surrounded with some pretty awesome new friends, and a neighborhood that was beyond welcoming. We did it.  Well almost (still lots of projects to do but we survived the move) We are now living in our home which we love, our creamery is up and running, and our fixer property is finally looking like a sheep farm.  So hello Richfield we are happy to be here......stay tuned more to come!


Missy Adiego