Closing Out Summer

Well that was fast!  Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  Four months since my last blog post.  Schedules full, our busy kids are growing and we are in a nutshell busier than we have ever been.  ( three kids do that to you)  I now know why our moms said wait until you are just a taxi.  Well, I am officially a taxi spending more time in my car than my house. I have been trying to learn how to stress less, and sleep more.  Not an easy task lately.  Our family had a great summer with lots of grandparent time, camps, camping trips, birthday celebrations and even had a few do nothing pajama days(my personal favorite). We made the most out of everyday.  Now back to school with a first and fourth grader.  (yes I somehow am that old already). We won't go into that though.  Joe and I also had a chance to scoot away for an anniversary trip .....celebrating 11 years of being married, and yes surprisingly we have survived the marital spats of owning and running a business together. Props to us, looking forward to many more (today anyway).
On the farm front, projects are still an everyday occurrence in our life.  Lambs are arriving the plant is keeping busy and our yummy sheep butter won second place at this years American Cheese Society awards and third place at the World Dairy Expo product contest.   Always such a humbling experience to be side by side some of the best in the industry, we feel so lucky to have such amazing milk ladies that give us such great milk that go into our products.  On a side note...Joe and I had a chance to sneak away to Loma Linda to purchase a vintage ice cream truck.  So our date weekend complete with gas station snacks (we only had so long to get to southern california + back)  We came home with a pretty adorable step van.  Hours + Hours + Hours of time and energy Joe fully restored this beauty to exactly what I had explained to him.   This guy can do anything, adding truck restoration and painting to his list!  Well all those hours paid off the truck is beautiful and now ready to book at your next private event.  After being in business we have sure learned how to work together, our marital spats in the lowes isles were limited to only three not bad in my book.  So a end to a very busy summer, more projects and endless new changes in our life. Keep up with us on Facebook + Instagram for current pictures,  my schedule is better with that then blogging! Stay Tuned.  

Missy Adiego