Catching Up!

Lots of updates the past few months.  A little lack of blogging due to our crazy schedules, so here is goes in a nutshell.  Family life:  23 weeks pregnant and learning that running around a million directions with two adorable kids and running a business is a bit challenging. Admission.  I sometimes daydream when driving home in the afternoons of a little catnap on the side of the road in the afternoon sun!  Weird a little but hey I forgot how tired you get while being pregnant.  We did have a chance for a little weekend getaway to the lake with friends.  Learning that any vacation as a farmer is a complete luxury. Girls are almost done with school and SOO looking forward to summer and time with all the family.  We also received some other bad news this past month.  My mom has had her ovarian cancer return for a third time.  Lucky for us we have one amazing brave mom and one heck of a supportive family.  She is an amazing lady who once again will battle this round three with all of us by her side. 
At the farm.  Well lets just say our heads are spinning.  We attended the artisan cheese festival for the first year and was a complete success.  Amazing feedback, and sold out product made for a great event with other great local vendors. Joe and I also attended the summer social for Whole Foods Market Dublin who will be opening their brand new location May 20th.  We learned scooping around 2000 samples of ice cream is a lot harder than it looks.  We survived....with a few blisters on our hands and not a drop left.  Looking forward to doing our first scoop event this next weekend at the Valley Ford Wool Festival.  Lambs are still arriving and the creamery and farm are still busier than ever. Don't forget to check out our updated retails for all of our products on our website, and check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook . We are super excited to share some new creamery news next month.  So a whirlwind catch up and lots more to come.  Stay Tuned.
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Missy Adiego