We are back!

I am back. Yes a total lack of blogging, thanks to everyone for the reminder to update the blog!  Lots of new things have changed in the new year.  On the family front, we have officially moved houses.  I have to admit I have always loved to move and renovate houses but I think this last move did me in.  We have accumulated a lot more STUFF (yes things we do not need) and that made the move quite a challenge.  I can't believe how much stuff I fit in our little cottage house.  So we managed to pack up our old house and completely renovate the new house.  Speaking of renovation....thank you to Joe, Jolene, and my mom for chipping in since I myself was not much help.  Joe has found his inner designer (partly my fault) for making him watch fixer upper on HGTV.   My lack of help this time around. Why....well we are expanding our family as well. Expecting baby number three this September! We figured when life is hectic and crazy why not add a little more to our plate.  On that note we so excited we can't wait. I have to admit after a little break in children  (newborn phase) seems so long ago. I seemed to forget how taunting the first trimester was.  Note:  full reminded now!  So our family is growing, we survived another house renovation.  We now have more space, more bedrooms and couldn't be happier as a family. Truly lucky in our books! 
At the farm.  Things have picked up, when I say picked up I mean our days have gotten much longer, projects have been added and the creamery seems to be in operation every day.  We hoped for this day and it has arrived!  Our sheep butter, milk and ice cream have hit store shelves.  I have to say a few times we all thought how can we do this!  Let's be honest we are a family farm.  Meaning we do it all from the milking to the production.  No co packers, no frozen milk that isn't ours.  Our sheep, our milk, our hand packed products. We always said one of our main business goals was to be a farmstead operation no matter what came our way, and after surviving a few recent huge orders we now know we are capable.  The whole family chips in and it truly is a family farm.....kids included, and it makes our little family business that much more special. Sheep?  Yes lambs still arriving our new lamb nursery is FULL our automated feeder is now at max capacity.  Complete cuteness overload! Spring has arrived and the trees are in full bloom. With ice cream season arriving we can't wait to share our upcoming events we have scheduled.  Check our website for updated retailers that carry our product.  You can now find our milk along with our ice cream at all nor cal whole foods locations, along with other select specialty retailers.  We are back and happy to be back. Stay tuned lots more to come!

Missy Adiego