Hello {2015}

Well I made it.  Through 2014 that is.  It is amazing how fast a whole year goes by, how each day just slips away and all of the sudden we are parents of a now 5 and 7 year olds.  How did that happen?  I have all these mom moments and can't help but think how I am being so selfish and not wanting my kids to grow up. A little recap.  Avery now in second grade, Hadley heading into T-K in less than a week.  Yes that means I will have both girls in real school...(big girl school).  Reality.....has not set in yet. We had a great Thanksgiving with family in Bodega Bay, we all even managed to enjoy the day and squeeze in a nap a rarity in this family!  Joe and I joke some afternoons when we check sheep in the sunshine how nice it would be to have an afternoon nap in the sun...I wonder if anyone would notice farmers napping in the grass with there sheep?  Oh and grass, we now have green hills.  The rains arrived, really arrived in full force flooding all areas leaving us running on a generator for a few days, but so thankful that brought green hills.  Christmas was great filled with family, friend dinners, and the big guy in the red suit.  He was kind of a big deal this year!  So fun to have such little imaginations and believers running around the house.  Made Christmas morning one for the books.  Holidays also brought a little break for Joe and I, we were able to get to SF for a few days with my family and enjoy some R&R that was very needed.  House projects are now cleaning organizing and packing.  Yes Joe the girls and I are moving houses. (Just our housing) the farm, sheep and creamery are staying as is, but so sad to say we have outgrown our little farmhouse that I love so much.  So many memories and renovations, but we officially just have to have more space.  Luckily for us we are only moving five minutes away.  We have had a great year so thankful for all the great people in our lives we can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for our family.
On the farm.  Projects continue.  The rains brought flooding, flooding brought projects.  New portable feeders are in the works for our sheep that will be able to be used with rotational grazing.  Lambs are still arriving , lots of them.  The new lamb nursery is working great.  Our new automatic lamb feeder arrived. Yes farmer Christmas gift!  We have bottle fed all of our lambs to date. This automatic feeder brings efficiency and warm milk 24 hours a day it was a pretty exciting addition to the farm.  The creamery has been in full swing with sheep milk, sheep milk ice cream, and NOW SHEEP BUTTER.   Check out our website for further details and retail locations. We will also be part of some great events coming up. (details to follow)
So hello 2015 looking forward to what lies ahead. Stay tuned.

Missy Adiego