Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday...seems fitting since we just reached our 4th year of business mark.  Hard to believe that 4 years ago we started Haverton Hill Farm (the dairy) our starter flock of sheep arrived to my in laws front yard.  We then found a ranch to lease and the MAJOR (total understatement) renovations began.  We transformed a non operating run down cow dairy.  Transformed the barns, fields, milking parlor, lamb nursery to a Grade A sheep dairy.  We also transformed our little cottage house...that for those of you catching up...had smurf blue trim, lots of mold, a toilet that had been used on the patio, and every inch of our house barn storage filled with garbage.  Yes I still have a hard time believing what this place looked like, how far it has come, and that hardest part that We did it...we survived the start up of a new business, a whole farm and house renovation, all while raising two adorable little girls.  Now this past year we added another major project of finally starting our farmstead creamery.  We have been up and running for four months now and have officially launched two products (on store shelves now), another product launching soon.   So a little throwback on how we started a few before and after photos to where we are at today, and lots more to come! 

Missy Adiego