{Sheep Milk} Ice Cream

So what do you do when you are utterly exhausted...seriously Joe and I are really acquiring some under eye bags this past month.  Most people would rest.  Us, not so much we push through work harder, moisturize those under eye bags and meet our deadlines.  Well we did it.  We finally officially launched our sheep milk ice cream.  There are only a few people in the US that make sheep milk ice cream.  Well....we have to say ours is pretty amazing.  Sweet creamy goodness all packed in a pint.  We took this project to heart and knew we had to have a great product that would represent sheep milk at its best.  Our results a creamy, low fat ice cream packing all the benefits of sheep milk.   If you like our milk you will LOVE our ice cream!  So three days of churning and 700+ hand packed pints, lots of creamery help, they are officially ready for stores.  Another huge Thank You to everyone who helped make this happen...Especially Chef Jenna and of course all those milk ladies for producing some pretty amazing milk.
Other farm news......projects, lambs, painting still underway.  I bet you didn't know that on a farm painting is a year long project!  We have been in cleanup mode gearing up for more farm visitors.  Oh...whole foods visits the farm.  Yup we were pretty darn excited to have our regional buyer and our local forager visit the farm this week, along with our distributors {the behind the scenes company that gets our product to you as fresh as it is on the farm} We also had a great farm day at Whole Foods San Ramon.  Henry and Hilda and little bo peep {Heidi} made for a great day of fun, family and sheep milk! So in a nutshell lots happening, lots of hard work and lots more to come.  
For More Farm and Family photos check our our Instagram  for our latest press click here  and a little read and review on our milk check our fact & label.

Missy Adiego