So Long Summer

As summer comes to and end with a new school year just upon us, we realize where did summer go?  Days fully filled  and barely a day to stay home in pajamas doing nothing (sigh) it was an action packed fun filled summer.  Memories were made, lots of traveling, a seems to be very grown up almost 7 year old (as of tomorrow) and a very independent 4 year old.  A mad rush of school prep and final summer project completion checks are upon us.  Joe and I will now have a second grader, and a preschooler (yes finally, Hadley enters her last year of pre-k).  I have decided to add a little more to my plate and began teaching riding again a few times a week (yes there was a little more time in my day)  I am super excited to help teach a great group of IEA kids at Strides Riding Academy. On top of more work we did have a chance to get away with a little family wedding celebration in Denver, and the girls had a grandparent filled trip to Idaho. Joe well part of the farmlife got to stay home all summer working away in his hairnet along with many many farm projects.
On the farm front, we are so excited that things are going great.  Our daily projects still continue around the farm, new plants and paint still plentiful.  Our sheep milk, well Joe and I completed our first demo (yup farmers in the store)  pretty fun to get the reaction of the public!  Have to say I am pretty impressed with responses, it makes what we do SO worth it.  We have added new retail locations you can check out where we are currently stocked here.  You can also check out our press articles here if you have not seen them. and
So the work continues even harder than we new we could.  New products in the wing we are super excited about.  Lots of projects, work, paint and milk to come!  Stay Tuned.

Missy Adiego