Short and Sweet

Well June is here and our summer has officially started.  Avery has officially graduated first grade and also graduated from daisy scouts.  Hard to believe our little girl is going to be turning 7, heading into second grade and will now be a brownie!  Hadley has also completed another year of preschool and has one more to go.  Yes it feels like we have been in preschool forever.  That is what you get when you have a baby out of season (you know a December baby missing the school cut offs)!  Summer schedules have started and I have to admit it's quite nice to have a little personal schedule break.  Avery started back on the swim team for the summer and is super excited to be attending a golf and tennis camp out in Bodega.  Hadley is continuing her preschool summer camp, and of course has every day filled with horses and ponies.  On the home front, I decided to get my own farm horse this week.  Yes far cry from a fancy show horse with a manicured mane.  Figured a little quarter horse with an ombre mane would do.  Oh, and she is great.  Safe, fun and perfect mom therapy for the farm! So a little adjustment getting used to a bit more country of a horse but so worth it. Just feeling like there has to be a monogrammed western pad that someone sells right? 
On the farm we are down to the wire.  The creamery is complete and we did a test run a few weeks ago getting ready to hit store shelves in less than a few weeks. EEK!!! pretty darn exciting. Who ever thought that this little dream we had a year ago would actually be happening.  Reality is definitely starting to set in for both of us, well worth the hard work.  The creamery details are now almost complete.   Farm projects continue with a new shear barn renovation, new feed bays and lamb pens complete.  The farm is now in clean up mode seeing that construction is complete (yes a favorite part of mine) Lambs are still arriving.  Did I mention how cute they are?  So down to the wire, lots of work ahead and lots more to come!  Stay tuned.

Missy Adiego