It's Official

So a lot has been learned this month.  Starting with just when you think you are working have to work harder.  People ask how do we do everything?   Well we work, harder than we ever knew we could. Run partially on adrenaline. Work very long days filled with paint in our hair, lots of laughs, some tears (you know those just crying because we are overtired tears) Our family and friends (great ones) chip in when needed watching kids, helping us with construction, cleaning, digging trenches, drawing our creamery plans and a whole lot more. We are truly lucky to have some pretty amazing people in our lives and such support throughout this whole process. We learned that just when you think you are all ready and done, there is a whole new list waiting in the wings to be completed.  Google (yes Google) has become one of our new favorites...along with our to do lists from last month.  It's amazing if you don't know how to do something Google seems to have a solution, and YES Google has also solved some of our marital spats along the way. Oh did I mention Joe and I now work together so there are a few more of those!   So that being said our little farmstead creamery cottages are NOW OFFICIAL!  What does that mean for all our non farm friends? We are now a licensed creamery with the state of California and are now able to produce our products on the farm!!  The creamery is now complete along with our walk in refrigerator and our dry goods cottage. (now all the finishing details to follow)  So a HUGE milestone achieved today and we are pretty darn excited and can't wait to get processing!  Lots more to come....Stay Tuned
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Missy Adiego