Exciting Things!

So confession...I am an official blogger slacker!  Time these days seems slim to none, and to be honest bedtime has been earlier than normal!  So to catch everyone up!  Lots of change has happened with not only our family but business.  Starting with the girls both changing schools (yes mid year)  Joe and I officially decided to move schools which are now a bit closer to our house and both a better fit for both girls.  I have to admit I had major MOM GUILT...making this decision. Now after making that choice I have no idea why!  It is one of those parenting moments that lets you know you are on track when your kids just seem to adjust and move on with only a smile on their face and sheer excitement!  So happy little girls are now fully adjusted, there is no more mom guilt an one exciting change complete! Joe is still managing Swallow Valley Farm, and they are now up and milking their sheep. He is also in full honey do construction mode around the farm, trying to meet deadlines.  I am busier than ever trying to adjust to new kid schedules, homework, full on business mode and all other things that come along with mom, wife and starting a business!  SO yes my house is a bit of a mess and my yard also not due to non mowing...but we had 900 sheep sheared in my backyard!  (martial spat included, and yes I am still picking up chunks of wool, and no it is not normal to have sheep sheared in your yard) All part of the farm life!
On the farm many of you already know, but for those that don't we are starting a creamery! YES....we take on a lot, and YES it is a TON of work.  WE are full on construction mode renovating our { farmstead cottage creamery buildings}, which included 3500 subway tiles, concrete, lots of stainless.  Needless to say Joe and I have practically lived at Lowes and our back to our aisle arguments. We are SO lucky to have great friends and family helping every chance they get {thanks Matt...who has been a huge help} So our little idea has gotten bigger than we thought, and we are super excited and embracing another change! Our days have been filled with packaging design {Third Bay Letterpress} and Branding {Brandmint}who have gone above and beyond to make everything perfect!
So in a few months our first product will be available in stores. Huge Thank You to Mike Keefer.   So...that being said you will now be able to purchase our first product Bottled Sheep Milk.   So exciting things on the farm, lots of work ahead and lots more to come!

Missy Adiego