Change and Transitions

Absent blogger confession.  We now have another crazy hectic month under our belt...both personal and with business.  I had a chance to take a family vacation minus Joe with the girls and my family to Hawaii this past month.   Great trip lots of laughs and close to a full week of relaxation.  All the while Joe.....worked for us to vacation!  He is pretty great like that! The girls have been great. Busy growing up too fast in my opinion.  Avery started back on the swim team and now on the official junior swim team.  So now this poolside three days a week.  Pretty great to see her really take to swim and love every practice!  Hadley still busy with ponies.  Seriously a bit on the obsessed side.  We have some very sparkly ponies around the farm even during mud season due to perfectionist grooming skills.  She also learned to ride a bike without training wheels. right seeing that Avery just learned a few months ago.  Lets just say second child syndrome.  They move along quite fast!! I joke with Joe if we had a third they would be potty trained at 12 months!  I have been busy trying to ride in between rainy days and super occupied with the farm.  Joe is now officially working on the farm full time.  YAY!! It is so great to have him around (so far anyway)  I am sure this will bring some new found marital issues.  He seems so happy and now able to get our farm running efficiently.  He is also still managing the sheep dairy at Swallow Valley Farm around the corner. They will now be milking sheep in another week.  Pretty neat to see him build another sheep dairy from the ground up.  We are pretty proud of him. This month for us has brought lots of change.  Good change, and much needed change (more on that later).  Joe and I have learned this month that time is so precious, animals are so precious. We are so so lucky to have such a great team, friends and two amazing little girls.  Sometimes things happen (even when you think it will never happen to you) we have learned to grow and cherish every little second and appreciate everything we have!
On the farm we are in full swing.  Busy days full of non stop mud around the farm.  One of the bonuses of living on a run down ranch at the bottom of beautiful hills.  We seem seem to have caught all the rain water off those hills.  So a major cleanup and more renovations are underway!   Lambs are still arriving which means the lamb barn is still full.  The grass is now green, so the ewes are finally able to graze the grass again.  It was a rough couple of months with our not so beautiful dirt pastures.  So another crazy month lots of changes and transition and LOTS of news to come!! 

                                            (a little hawaii fun )

Missy Adiego