Nice To See You

Well Hello February, nice to see you. Where has time gone?  Well our months are flying by, our kids are growing up. Everyone tells you that will happen.  Well, it does!  Hadley learned to ride a bike without training wheels, Avery lost her first tooth.  So Joe and I are walking around trying to realize that kids do grow  (not sure if we are ready for them to be full on kids)  kids that ride bikes, loose teeth an all that kid stuff.  I have learned to cherish every second, every hug, and every stare that they don't know I am doing....except when they blurt out "Mom...why are you staring at me weird"  then I am caught.  For the most party I keep it pretty undercover.  A few new things on the farm, another new pony!  I know what the heck, how many horses and ponies can you have? (a small collection)  Well you see, we have been in search of a starter kids pony, one to ride around the farm, safe, kids can handle and ride without too much help just learn basics confidence etc.  Grant our first favorite fancy pony is the second step and doing amazing.  (THANK YOU Tina and Maddie)  Well Finley our new mini pony (rescue pony) has a few issues and is not the perfect end to our pony search.  So welcome Cookie Monster aka Cookie!  The PERFECT no joke they do pony.  He is a been there done that pony (meaning kid safe, no spook, loves attention a pony that acts like a dog)  lucky he is too big to fit in the girls room because I seriously think he would be in the house!  HE is that amazing. One of the hardest things on the farm are our animals.  Our pets have to be compatible with kids and sheep and all other farm things.  Sometimes (especially rescues it can be a bit much) I mean some days I am over stimulated from farm life!  SO we have learned that it is a process finding the right pets for our lifestyle is not always easy!
The farm well we are busier than ever.  I don't even think busy describes it. Probably adrenaline and exhaustion with a side of crazy are keeping us going.  Our new sheep arrived along with lots of lambs on their side and lots of wool.  (two years worth) We are down one employee meaning Joe is working triple duty and learning he can't do it all.  I have even chipped in on farm chores and have really learned this past month how HARD it is to be in the agriculture industry, it is no joke!  This past month I have learned not to wear my nice jeans to the barn, not one day is ever the same, if you think it is will take 10 minutes it will take 30.  Having the amount of animals we have and the amount of projects on our plate can be overwhelming at times!  I have learned the importance of making lists this month.  We also started a few new major projects on the farm (can't wait to share).  I keep this blog honest...its not always sunshine and rainbows.  We get overwhelmed and are so so lucky we have amazing friends and family who always help out when needed.  So each day is a blessing even when we are so busy we don't know what day it is, we have learned how lucky we are to have kids that tote around and help with a million chores with only smiles and giggles on their face.   A crazy month behind us and another one ahead we wouldn't trade it for anything.  Stay Tuned!! 

Missy Adiego