New Year New Things

Well with 2013 behind us and a great year we had.  We are more than excited to be starting a new year off with a bang.  I got thinking to myself the other day....I have to say I have this thought a little too often.  I wonder what it would be like to live in know a normal house (non farmhouse where cold air doesn't rush in from who knows where) and a tiny little manicured lawn, a husband that comes home at 5, baked cookies after school EVERY day,  non manure laundry, a clean normal mudroom.   Whoa, OK a bit carried away there! My mind does seem to like the thought of that place but then I snap back to all our chores (you know just feeding the pet animals around the farm is a chore) then the mudroom always has boots, laundry always running, then I think how could I possibly only have one or two animals.  I always think when I give farm tours and show people "our lifestyle"  they must think we are crazy.  Which I think is not completely unrealistic after my farm chores and animal herding today!!  So that being said, it is still hectic around here (example: a pony walk is not a simple thing it is complete with three dogs, one pony, one kid, and Lou our goat)  so as you are picturing that, I am thinking our lifestyle is not really town or sidewalk suitable!! Get my drift?  Girls are back to school after a great family, fun filled holiday break.  We celebrated Hadley turning 4.  I can't believe my baby is four and how fast time is going (tear...tear) We have a new pony on the farm a mini pint sized pony Finley!!  (so you keep it straight TC, Grant and Finley) are ours.  Think of it small (starter pony) medium (show pony) and Large (farm proof perfection).  So break was filled with all things horses and ponies in our spare time.   Cooper... a four year old prospect, that I have started from ground up has also come home to get a little farm/life experience. Did I mention this four year old is perfection?  He is amazing and handling the farm like a pro! So lucky to be able to train such an amazing guy (love my job)  Joe still going a million directions!  But we have managed to sneak in a few dates (trail riding or picking up sheep feed) we take what we can get.
The farm....starting to head into our busy season.  Projects are pretty much finished and a few new ones started.  We already grew out of the lamb nursery (meaning too many lambs, not enough space) so we renovated a new area for our phase 3 lambs.  Phase 3 is when they can be outside on lamb feed but not in the big lamb field yet! Think of it as a giant lamb play pen!! Still milking 293 ewes with an overall herd average of 5.9 pounds a day. So farmer Joe is a happy guy! Lambs still arriving daily.  Did I mention we are having some extra cute ones? We also added 150 new ewes to the flock and will be arriving this week.  A total count of sheep you ask? Dad......meaning you.....still not positive but over 1000.  (next visit we have a project for your list) We are super excited about new things happening on the farm and can't wait to share.  So stay tuned lots more to come! 

Missy Adiego