20 Minutes

20 Minutes is the amount of time I have to write and upload photos and get this blog post done! Yes...life of a mom,wife, rider, teacher, sheep farmer.  Just how my days have been going.  I know every one of my blog posts are about how busy we are.  Well that hasn't changed.  Starting off December,  in tears, yes this is an honest blog.  I have been a bit overwhelmed with life (yes not one thing or another. Just life in general) how busy we are, how fast the girls are growing, not having enough time in a day and going far too many directions with lot of things going on. How can I possibly be in more than one place at a time?  How can I do everything that is on my plate and do it well? We finished out November with a great Thanksgiving at my parents house enjoying a very low key day with lots of family time, naps, kid shows just an all around great day.  That day ending our month realizing how much we have to be thankful for (which is a lot) we are so fortunate to live the life we live, have what we have, be happy and healthy. Right?  So why the tears to start in December.  The feeling I am not doing enough, enjoying enough.  Is that even possible?  Judging by the look on Joes face during my emotional rant (which he graciously sat down for) I think it was just a bit of an overwhelmed moment.  Well the tears have dried. Joes chat and hug seemed to put everything back into perspective.  Enjoy every day, the little things, don't worry so much about life and business plans.  He was right! Yes you don't hear that often but it is true (HE WAS RIGHT)  he wanted me to make sure that came across clear in my blog post. Why worry about the small things?  Everything happens for a reason and everything happens when it is supposed to happen. So since then now being 4 days into December, they have been enjoyed. Still busy but a bit more focused.  The girls, have slowed down as well and this month are going to along with us enjoy the small things in life!  Wish me luck, because I know more time at home will mean a bit more bickering! 
HORSE UPDATE*  those cute OTTB rescue horses we had that Joe brought home (see last blog post)  well they have found their new home and let's just say they are going to be living a great life one more fitted for them.  We now have a new addition....an addition I picked out.  Meaning a husband, kids safe....very farm safe guy.  Since then Joe has ridden every day. Thanks so much to Cassie Thompson for another great guy!! We love him already he is a perfect fit for the family and the farm.  Can I say is pretty fun to trail ride a non warmblood around the farm!  Actually pretty relaxing and enjoyable!  Although my first trail ride with Joe I did end up riding our medium pony...yes I am 5'9" no photos of that were allowed.
The farm, doesn't slow down.  We are in full lambing mode, winter projects are almost complete! Farm is decorated for Christmas (YES)  obviously we decorate our farm for Christmas.  Joe seems to think that is unnecessary but with three girls around here this place is decked out for the season! Did I mention how cute our lambs our?  REALLY CUTE. So fun for Joe and I to see offspring we raised now lambing. (confirmation, milk production all those exciting farm things)  Joe still in full swing with many things on his plate.  No overwhelming tears with him...he leaves that to me!  So welcome December lots more to come!


Missy Adiego