Saving lives...and a weekend of Thanks

Two blog posts in one month!  Not bad.  At the end of a weekend as I finally get a chance to sit down and rest during kids naps, I realize how lucky I am for just the day to day life I live.  I mean it always seems to amaze me how fast our days go by and how long they are filled with farm chores, activities, animals, kids....the list goes on.  Lucky for us as tired as we are, we do seem to be happy.  Everyone always says what a great life you have and how neat to live on a farm.  I usually reply most days. The truth is that we really are truly lucky to live such a busy (our normal) happy life.  We are all learning that the little things do matter, like giggling kids, happy animals, a happy marriage even if our date night is in farm clothes at a local restaurant, we can still laugh at how ridiculous we both look and why didn't we tell each other we are covered in dirt?  Those smiles continue to days end.  That being said.  Joe...why I love him so.  We have been in search of a few farm horses (not the fancy warmbloods I am used to) a down home broke, old quarter horse a fun horse to ride around on. Kid, husband safe if you know what I mean.  Long story short I am home with Avery sick and in the driveway pulls Joe with a horse trailer with two horses. WELL...he tells me he picked up two quarter horses that are ride able at the auction.  I chuckle and just ask how much?  and "you get the one with the tattooed lip since you seem to be such and experienced rider" and chuckle back.  Well off come two somewhat emaciated non quarter horses who are in dire need of TLC and FOOD!  So while I am home cleaning up after a sick kid, Joe is off saving lives since we don't seem to have enough animals!  So in a nutshell we now have two ex racehorses (with tattooed lips) that lucky for him are sweet as pie and ride able.  We are in the process of finding them a new home where they can rehab back to a healthy horses.  Joe....well he did admit after I went on a trail ride out back and made him walk with me that they might be a little more than what he was looking to ride! At least my lifesaver is learning.  
The farm was a weekend filled with working sheep!  Always amazing to me how many sheep we have...a little overwhelming at times.  We have a great staff and some pretty awesome sheep dogs that always seem to make each movement and task look easy.  Farm projects still in the works, fields still being plowed to prep for seeding, lambs still arriving, and  a massive cleanup this next week ahead.  Oh and a few more exciting things to come soon (I can't wait).  So lots of smiles, a few racehorses, lots of sheep and a very happy little family.  Lots to be thankful for here on the farm!

Missy Adiego