In a Nutshell

Well my blog title says it all!  Our life in a nutshell. Lack of blogging, yes.  Lack of time, yes. So thanks for all the emails for reminders to update the blog.  SO in a nutshell this past month.  Avery loving her swim team and now swimming in the deep end and jumping off diving boards.  Loving school (my academic child) which is great.  She also has started girl scouts, she is a daisy and very very excited about earning badges!  Lucky for me being the first born means she is academic and loves to do everything right and now gets to earn badges!  Perfect life for a six year old.  Hadley well she is loving her preschool now, making lots of new friends.  I was able to attend her pumpkin party at school and see her in action (so fun)  She is also still...I say still pony obsessed.  She is going to attend her first horse show in November to do her first lead line classes.  Joe has returned from his hunting trip in Idaho which was a success and he seemed to really enjoy his guy time!  I have still been insanely busy with kids schedules, farm life, teaching and riding more than ever (still great mom therapy) and loving every minute. October so far full of family events and pumpkin patch trips and all things fall.  YIKES fall, Christmas right around the corner that can't be possible.
On the farm, projects.  Barn renovations are almost finished, the lambs have been moved to new pens and heat lamps are in the midst of being installed due to our chilly nights we have been having.  We are still lambing daily which for us equals sheep milk.  We are now finished with our third year  in business since we first purchased sheep.  Hard to believe it has been that long, we have done so many projects and we have grown to our current size.  YIKES again. That being said, Joe is super excited to be starting off the new year here at the farm full time.  He is looking forward to being able to focus solely on the farm and our new farm projects (stay tuned for those)  He also has taken on a new position as herd manager at swallow valley farms in Valley ford.  (how is that possible you ask?) longer days. He is also very energetic and excited about this new project and re building their sheep dairy into a profitable business. So lots and lots new, lots of projects and change ahead just our life in a nutshell.

Missy Adiego