Say it's September

Say it isn't September, how we got her so fast, who knows.  Things for us have been endlessly busy days filled with change, growing, activities, horses and ponies and all things sheep.  The girls are still back in the swing of school and enjoying their new day to day schedules. Lucky for me Avery has enjoyed her homework so far (first year of homework).  Feeling like that is a total mom bonus when you have an academic kid!  So we are supporting, and doing almost all of her homework which she gets Monday afternoon...... by Monday night (not due until Friday)!  Hadley has been loving preschool and all things ponies.  Yes, I always said I want the girls to be involved in horses.  Well....she eats, sleeps and breaths ponies.  Even enjoying her daily wood rocking pony when she is not riding her real one!  Joe and I are learning a lot lately.  It has been a time of growing, changing and learning a few life lessons along the way! We also celebrated our eight year wedding anniversary. I have to say it is amazing how much I love him and how proud I am of the person he is.  Even though his design taste still is obviously lacking we still are so much in love, two amazing little girls, just the day to day blessings of each other is more than enough.  (grown up statement I know)  Other than our love for each other.......we are busy.  See below.
On the farm.  Full swing mode.  The mess of a farm is still a bit of a mess, minus today. I had full reign with the workers (thanks to me begging Joe) I got to have a day of womanly/wifely projects around the farm.  What are those?  CLEANING...Spring cleaning we seemed to miss due to the farm chaos.  So lamb barn renovation mid way finished.  New lamb barn cleaned and started.  Milk barn and parlor now shiny clean with clean concrete and all.  New paint here and there.  How can you have a cleanup day without paint?  You can't!  I have to think people probably think I am a bit crazy touching up paint on barns, planters, stairs on a dairy. Well we are back at it, I am back at it.  The sheep are back at it as well.  We are in full swing lambing again.  30 lambs just a dairy farmer that is a happy day on the farm.  The sheep milk is flowing, the projects are continuing and the paint is drying. Stay tuned!

Missy Adiego