The project house

Yes that is right, our house the project house.  Just when I think I am done....I decide to re decorate a whole room.  Living room project is underway yet again. That oh so comfortable sectional left us with no room in our living room.  So as Joe cried (seriously he loved that sofa) I moved it out where it sat on the lawn for half a day.  I wasn't sure if my husband laying on our old sofa in the front lawn was a cause for concern?  Now the crazy farm lady with a crying husband on a sofa in our front yard.  No big deal I guess.  It eventually got moved and the new one in. Search for the perfect chair not as easy as I thought.  Well, cute and comfy I should say. Lucky for me that my depressed husband eagerly chair shopped to help narrow choices down.   New things added to the girls room which is now actually done!  Our tiny bathroom also got a mini makeover.  So the house is feeling less like the project house and more like home!! More to come (bedroom next)  Stay Tuned!

Missy Adiego