Hello Again!

Hello again!! I am back and glad to be back to blogging. Thanks all for the emails to get me back in gear.  Amazing how days have seemed to get busier (yes it is possible)  and yikes it's already August.  Summer has been fun and busy.  We (the girls and I) had a great trip to NY...meaning GREAT! It was so fun to see most of the family and get to meet new cousins and catch up.  Truly enjoyed the time we spent there.  The girls....well Avery now rides a bike without training wheels.  Yes..I know what is so special about that?  Well I was a bit concerned that our soon to be 6 year old is riding ponies, and atvs before she could ride a bike, but she did it, and I am relieved thinking she is normal. (yes as a mom you sometimes think you have an abnormal kid)  Hadley has been busy with being 3! Going on 5!  She has spent her summer having fun, getting dirty and trying to keep up with the bigger kids.  She is excited to start preschool next week also.  YIKES...is right.  What am I to do?  Cry...having lots of mommy moments and realizing how fast they truly grow.  We are going to have a 6 and 4 year old.  You know what that means, I am aging!  YIKES again.  I have still been busy with riding, teaching and lots of barn pony time.  We had a great time having our old pony back on the farm a few weeks to pony sit.  Hadley learned to steer and trot on him (big deal in her book) Our pony Grant is coming along fantastic and now jumping (thanks to an amazing family Tina and Maddy) who ride him daily!  Avery finally was able to get on and walk him around (big deal in her book)  House projects continue as usual, the lowes arguments have gotten better.  The living room is now re done again and coming along. Joe is remodeling the girls playhouse (which I seem to feel it is going to be nicer than our house) and he seems to have gotten better about my house projects.  That surprised look he usually gets has gotten a lot less surprised (lucky for me he is such a great guy) House project pics next blog post!
On the farm....things are never ending.  Just when most farms are finishing up milking we are starting another round. The milk parlor is in full action, which means that those oh so adorable lambs are arriving daily.  Farm projects are still never ending.  Joe has installed and new milk parlor holding gates, and a new one way exit for the parlor along with driveway gates (now safe sheep and safe dogs). The lamb barn is still in remodel phase.  We have a mile long pre winter checklist that hopefully will get lots of checks to it. Yes it is only August but farm life checklist start now for winter. Cows...did I mention not a huge fan.  Well they are cute, and we now seem to have quite a few. They seem to be growing on me.  (a few months of extra milk = buying more calves so we are not wasting milk) So that being said we have some ridiculously cute calves here also.  At least we keep  with the cute theme right?  Speaking of cute we also have a very new border collie addition named Ace.  Very new meaning we have only had him a few days.  Yes just what we need another animal.  So our summer in a long written lots of photos nutshell.  Happy to be back and lots more to come!!

Missy Adiego