So everyone tells you that your kids grow up so fast, and with a blink of an eye they will be dating, getting married etc.  WELL we are not that far, but this week I had a little bit of mommy panic. We had a week of many firsts including a now 6 year old which was celebrated with a great day of family and friends.  Avery also has entered first grade (which is a huge deal...I guess) that means you get to stay in school later, ride the bus more, and get school lunches.  So when you are six those things are pretty neat.  Hadley also is growing at a rapid pace.  She also had her first day of Preschool.  Joe and I left the school with mixed emotions.  No tears believe it or not.  Just the comforting thought that both the girls left us so eagerly and independent.  As hard as that was (on me....Joe moved on pretty fast) it was a day of mixed emotions.Then the tears came as I ate breakfast on my own.  Realizing that for the past six years I have dedicated my life to kids, routine schedules, meals,naps, activities, kid kids kids.   It was the first time I actually sat and thought how hard it is to parent.  Yes first time......come on people I am busy!  That thought made me realize how important it is to be a parent . To help guide your kids make the right decisions, know right from wrong, pick the right people to be in your life, so that when you do just head to school and drop them off they then make the right choices and have good behavior. Quite a stressful job if you ask me.  These past few weeks have made me realize how lucky I am to have such a great family, an awesome husband, two well behaved little girls and a family who still support us daily.  We are both very lucky! 
On the project front....the playhouse is finished (well Joes part anyway)  I still have a few last minute touches to add.  Did I mention I have a very handy husband.  I swear what he can do in a day amazes me, although Avery seems to think is was her guidance that helped with the rush completion!  The playhouse is awesome, the girls love it!  Project bedroom has not started due to my lack of time and being a mom taxi this week.  The farm, busy as always.  We have had a slow week in lambs...which is great for a tiny break before our big September lamb group.  The calves are still adorable (messy in barns) but adorable.  New farm projects still are in full swing with the lamb barn being moved to a new barn (yes....again...and yes....lots of work) New water line is being plumbed to all the barns.....we seemed to accumulate water hoses everywhere.  (not pretty) We also slowed in milking a bit now only milking 310 which for us lets our days end a little sooner.  SO more project pics to come and our oh so long winter to do list to continue! Stay tuned.

Missy Adiego