All Things Animals

Well we survived the first week of school.  The girls love their new teachers and all things school.  They also had a big week in swim and both graduated to new levels.  Big deal to them, seeing as it seems like you stay in one level FOREVER.  I am back to a somewhat normal schedule with an addition of lots of school trips added.  Mom Taxi!!  The girls playhouse is now complete after a few nights of crafting (did I mention Joe can craft) YES lucky lady I am.  So an adorable little play space for the girls and we have had countless shows already in another project checked off the list.  Joe busy as always had to head out this week to work.  So I decided to join him on a very LONG...did I say LONG road trip.  660 miles. Joe is installing a double 30 rapidflo parlor for a goat dairy. (that means twice the size of ours, larger than the last one....and going to be amazing) Did I mention some goat farms milk 3000 goats?  AMAZING! So Reno, Fallon, Grass Valley, Chico then home.  Lots of great conversation, a little bit of parenting book reading to regroup ourselves (my idea...which I am sure he loved) lots of animals.  Did I mention we picked up some purebred Berkshire pigs?  Why....not sure. They are here and kind of cute.   I learned a lot on our one day trip.  I am super proud of my husband.  Pretty darn good at what he does.  We still love each other more than ever (going on eight years of marriage Tuesday) we still have awesome conversations and made it a whole trip with out the radio!! Those road trips do seem to test your patience limits!
Back on the farm.  Projects in full swing and more renovations underway.  Our lambing break is now over with a new lamb arriving early to start our September lambing group off. After a few weeks off, I forgot how adorable those fluffy little things are.  Cows....we have more of them.  Now with more cows, new pigs I think we are covered with our extra milk being used. SO...lots of milk, lots of animals, lots of projects and lots more to come!

Missy Adiego