Just June

Just June....what?  June already and  busy we are!!  The girls busy with finishing up school, which our summer to do list is already quite full.  Looking forward to lots of fun activities and our big trip to New York.    Joe has been his normal crazy busy going a million directions. Still finding time to fit in family, projects and all other things.  I have been busy with daily life.  Riding, teaching, now helping out revamping Snowbunny always something to do.  Yes, everyone always tells you that mom life is crazy.  Well they are right.  I find my days full with activities, projects, farm things, trips to Healdsburg and just plain old being a mom taxi and we haven't even hit the sports phase yet.  YIKES. House projects are still going with the girls room now finished (all small details in tact).  Front porch now finished with new vintage chair and a new hardy pet screen door (yes screens tear easily).  Also had a chance to have a moms overnight in Inverness this month celebrating one of our special moms leaving for Colorado (Errin you will be missed so much).  On the pet front.  Nicco our new very sick little puppy is now on the up and up.  Super skinny, but playful eating and gaining weight.  On a sad note we lost our border collie this past week to our very fast traveled road.  Country roads = fast drivers and the poor guy didn't have a chance.  SO a very sad weekend for the girls.  Lesson learned for Joe and I  (GATES). I am learning that farm life has it's tough moments and that sometimes we just have to slow down and pay attention to the little things and just have a good cry!
The farm.  Well milk, lots of milk!  Which is great, projects are in full swing as usual.  Our new employee team is WONDERFUL.  So lucky to have such a great team that takes such great care of things and treats our gazillion sheep and livestock like their own. Joe and Tony have even been able to take a day off to relax.  (Not the normal) Still lambing and having calves.  Ok I admit it the cows are growing on me...a little.  They are so darn cute, it is hard to resist them.  We are starting another barn renovation and a new lamb barn to be started shortly.  Feed....who knew it was such an ordeal?  I mean really, it is a HUGE deal in the dairy world I guess.  Put it this way cereal for dinner would not cut it.  So the ladies (and the gentlemen) are eating well, like really well.  Our fields are now cut and baled for our summer season.  The project to do list is a mile long and June is already here.  Lots more to come!

Missy Adiego