The Month of May

Again a complete lag in posts as a blogger. The month of May has been a busy one.  To sum up a month of our life in a month nearly impossible.  So here it goes.  Girls are great.  Avery almost finished with kindergarten in a few weeks, read her first book by herself (huge mommy moment) busy with her animals,gymnastics, the four wheeler (that she will not get off) and her new found independence of doing things on her own including (sandwich making, food prep, her own chores etc). Hadley growing at lightning speed. Still responding to her age which is 5 not 3.  With that along comes the fact she is 3 and has to learn not try so hard to be a BIG girl.  She has been enjoying her preschool, all things animals, anxiously awaiting her pony Grant coming home in June and helping mommy with all my daily lists.  Joe and I tackled another house project. Our new chicken coop/dog house renovation.  Let's just say we have come a long way. The project was started and finished without a marital argument.  Even our lowes trips were a success without a martial spat in the aisles of lowes. I have to say we underestimated the amount of work we had to complete in a day and a half (lucky for him he has a strong persistent wife) to make sure it was competed.  So goodbye ugly hideous chain link and hello new adorable farm fencing and our own little outdoor animal farm.   I have been busy still riding, teaching, and tackling my own house projects.  Thanks to Annie Sloan chalk paint...I am newly obsessed.  I finished the girls room finishing touches and tackled our bathroom cabinet.  Joe and I have also had a few rough weeks with our new (and my unwanted puppy that I have grown to love of course) Nicco diagnosed with Parvo.  (who knew this could happen , and who knew it is such an awful virus)  AWFUL.  So we have been on newborn baby sleep schedule with nightly fluids, medicines and daily hospitalization for this oh so adorable, very very sick puppy.  He is still alive and still very sick.  Today we have hope with a few licks, tail wags, and a little life in his eyes.  Hoping we can get him through this and never again have another sick dog. So a busy month for us with projects, lots of family and friend time. We are learning that the little things matter and we are very lucky for our little things.
On the farm.  BUSY...when are we not.  We are still milking an insane amount of sheep and still filling our tank which makes our day to day life easier on the farm.  Our worker housing project is finished and now occupied with our new employee. Pictures on our Facebook page HERE. After some changes we now are excited to have a great team in place and our third year of business half way done looking forward to the fourth year.  Our silage fields have been cur, replanted for our next bath of hay for our farm.  Now being irrigated.  (When I say irriagated...thanks to AROLO Co for this amazing water system)   Have to say it's pretty neat to water a field this way.  Lambs are still arriving and cows are calving. Projects are never ending.  In a nutshell that is the month of May.  Stay tuned!

Missy Adiego