The Life!

The life....our life.  Yes it is May and yes I have been lacking in my blog.  The life...our life is still crazy.  Days seem to be getting shorter and busier, if that is even possible.  A quick sum of the last month.  Papa and Grandma Stephanie came out for a visit a week filled of family time, farm hikes, cuzzy time, shopping we enjoyed every second and of course it went too quick.  The girls and I are looking forward to our summer trip back home for a few weeks!!  The girls have been busy with school, gymnastics, farm time, pony time!! Speaking of pony time, Grant headed off for a whole month to be started under saddle so the girls are already missing him, but looking forward to riding him. Joe is as busy as ever, seemingly stuck on the farm.  He also came home with a new mastiff puppy... Nicco. (yes another animal, another responsibility, but oh so cute...and did I mention we don't need another dog) . Honestly people say oh every puppy is cute....well in my case I tend to get a bit of anxiety when I see small fluffy animals due to the fact that we seem to have enough...yes enough animals, and I am a sucker for all animals. Avery also got her first 4 wheeler.  Loving it, more into it than I thought she ever would be, a really good driver, and now (mommy brain) I have something she love to take away.  Always a bonus in mom world. I have been keeping busy riding and teaching taken on another new baby to start under saddle and some new clients at a new facility to teach.  (free therapy in my book)  Lucky to be able to do what I love!! I also hosted my best friends baby shower along with my two other best friends (great day with great people showering the mama to be).  
On the farm.  Where do I start.  Crazy....crazy busy.  We had the amazing photographer Erin Oveis Brant take our farm family photos. They came out great and some fun family moments were captured. Lambs still arriving.  Pasture rotation, working days (you know worming, shots, hoof trimming) not an easy task when you have so many sheep.  Project fencing is also done on our new leased land. Sheep are grazing from hill to hill enjoying their new food and views! We now also have sheep views out of every house window (not bad).  Sheep milk, yes lots, we are still milking 415 ewes which keeps farmer Joe happy.  Projects, well we are remodeling the workers housing (yes another house remodel).  Wood paneling, orange, brown, lime green. Yup, those were the colors. gutted and fresh paint going in, new floors, appliances,counters in next week.  Will be happy to have this project under wraps.  Joe in between paint spraying, milking and all other things he is also dozing new roads around the ranch so we are able to cut and bale our organic silage fields. So needless to say we are busy and this is our life, a very very busy farm life.  Lots more to come!

Missy Adiego