These Days!

These days things are still hectic and crazy.  Our days are still filled with busy schedules and projects.  We enjoyed a great Easter filled with family time, egg hunts, and yummy food.  The girls have been enjoying the spring weather and all their farm animals.  Grant our new pony is getting daily attention from the girls, along with Harry and Lou [our crazy pet goats].  They seem to love the kids life adjusting well to the playhouse, trampoline yes goats on a trampoline [hilarious] and anywhere else they can fit. The poor people that drive by probably think we are crazy farm people by the looks of our pets.  I have been busy with house projects...and yet again painted the house.  Finally got a smooth cream color that works well in our small house. So after a few days of painting yet again trim and all I am finally done....well almost! Joe has been busy as usual and never seems to have enough hours in a day. I have to say after working a few days with him I am not sure how he works so hard every day....I tried to keep up and had to roll myself to bed.  Now thinking dinners will be priority for him [well, we will see].
The farm.  Our farm dog Marley [our very social loungy farm dog] who tends to find neighbors houses and not leave ended up in doggy jail.  Second offender! So the girls and I went up and bailed him out and headed home with  a citation and our ginormous, social, loungy now very expensive farm dog.  Now neutered, and microchipped let's hope this guy stays put.  Otherwise I don't think Joe will be bailing him out for a third time.  Our sheep have been enjoying their new pastures after rotating.  Did I mention we have some spoiled sheep with awesome pastures and views. Lucky ladies for sure!  We also said goodbye to all our wether sheep [boy sheep for all you non sheepers]  we decided it is not worth us raising them to market weight with the cost of feed, labor etc.  So 200 boys left from bottle fed stage to phase 2 phase. They will now be sold once they are weaned from the ewes. Our work load is now much lighter. Projects are still in full swing and fencing has started on the new pasture  we acquired.  Lots more to do, lots more to paint, and lots more to come!

Missy Adiego