Welcome To The Farm

With days filled with endless farm chores, house projects, kids activities, riding time, training a new pony well....my lovely oh so adorable husband who claims to be quite unromantic. Well he was so so excited to arrive from his home away from home for the last few months.  Well that adorable lovely husband arrived home with a brand new baby goat in hand. No not beautiful flowers or a lovely gift from Nordstrom....just a baby goat.  Yes...I know....I thought the same thing what the heck do we need another animal for?  He insisted along with the girls that it was their responsibility bottle feeding (did I mention he is bottle fed) well those days faded away and Joe has only done a couple feedings.  SO those adorable little farm girls have yet another chore feeding their cute little goat Harry.  So welcome Harry our latest addition.  As for marital spats...names are the game. This cute little goat has a middle name. Salt....Harry Salt that is.  Joe wanted Salt, I wanted Harry so there you go, seeing I have taken over feedings and this little goat is at my feet most of the day.  (I won) House projects have also been underway with purging.   Joe and I decided to tackle the girls playroom, that was filled with endless puzzles and games missing pieces.   So now we have a clean organized play space that is able to be used now.  We also started to tackle our back barn (pics to come soon) and purged all our old junk and old baby gear and clothes (tear...tear)  seems like the more storage you have the fuller it gets.  So now thanks to a hubby who loves to get rid of things we now have on clean bay in our barn!!  
The farm is full of sheep milk, and lambs.  The guys are still working on projects and the new lamb feeders are finished. Lambs are still arriving.  Just when we thought we had a break triplet sets have been arriving.  Weekends have been filled with sheep sorting for breeding, rotating pastures, worming, foot baths, mowing, and much much more. Those few not so busy days on the farm are now gone.  Back to our farm life normal.  Lots more to come! 

Missy Adiego