Vacation vs Reality

So a week in paradise = total bliss!  Frozen Mai Tais, family chats, pool time, amazingly well behaved kids, relaxed husband.  No that is not a dream or heaven it was Hawaii.  Pictures explain it all!  We enjoyed every minute of our farm free vacation (although Joe did try to get me to visit a Hawaiian dairy)  Yes I was tempted but had to gracefully decline and work on my sun tan instead!!
The farm is still in full swing with new lambs still arriving (not as many this past week) so a little break in that department.  We got home and new projects are underway.  New lamb field feeders are being installed for our phase 2 lambs that are now outdoors are able to have a customized lamb feed ration available for them.  The article is now out in Sheep Magazine and available online to view.  Please pay no attention to my unflattering farm photo on the first page!
So vacation is always a blessing for us, and always nice to realize our reality is quite nice!  Back to farm projects, horse time and lots lots more! Stay tuned.

Missy Adiego