The Days of March

The days of March....I think March Madness describes our days.  We have had our days filled with lots of family time.  Our niece Layla turned 4 so we celebrated with a great day filled with rides, cotton candy, funnel cakes, ice cream, dolphins, bird show, and more rides.  Even topped off the day with a water ride.  A great day for a very special little girl, so glad we were able to spend it together.  The girls and I have been busy with our usual.  Avery is working on mastering her bike without training wheels.  She also learned to tie her shoes. Hadley has also been loving school.  Well, mostly.  Since I like to keep it honest, she did get in trouble last week for biting another girl.  Yes. I know biting at 3.  So lots of talks on why we don't bite and losing a few privileges. I think we have moved on. That being said the days have been busy days, with lots of farm hikes, chores and activities.  (chores mostly) did I mention we have another goat!  Yes we are officially crazy, crazy people who have a lot of animals.  That adorable very hard working husband brought home another present from the Fumasi dairy in chico.  So welcome Lou to the farm.  Now we have Harry and Lou. Mind you  these little guys are quite a bit of work and oh so friendly, but quite fun. Speaking of that adorable hard working husband he hit a bit of a roadblock and came up sick.  Ended up in the ER, sent home with a torn chest muscle.  After a weekend of no stop pain for this pulled muscle.  A trip back to the doctor after the weekend.....that torn muscle was not a torn muscle but shingles.  YES....Shingles.  Feeling a bit guilty for giving him grief for not getting of the couch over the weekend.  So to our surprise the poor guy was really down and out and very sick.  So now finally after a week at home resting, sleeping and watching all his man shows he seems to be on the up and up and back to normal.  Well his normal.....milking sheep with shingles.  There is a new one for you! So I think he will think twice about working 32 hours straight without sleep again, I  would say it wasn't worth it.  Last week we also said goodbye to our pony Kingsley.  Who found a perfect ranch home with who else...... Averys very best friend.  We are so lucky to have him go to such a wonderful loving home, he is all settled in and very happy and we can visit him anytime!
The farm...well we are lambing.  Still...yes!  All year round.  The triplets are still arriving which is making for a very busy nursery.   Sheep milk is coming fast and we are now milking 400 ewes.  Projects continue around the farm.  Joe has another project fencing underway on a new piece of property we leased for our sheep.  For all you non sheepers out there, we need all the land we can get.  Now with additional land we can do additional rotational grazing which make for happy sheep. Did I mention those happy sheep are also spoiled with their view! So another crazy month almost complete and lots more to come!

one of our very pregnant ladies

sheep views

Mo guarding his flock

my favorite lady, loves her scratches. Not to sure of the grass bribery for a photo op

Our new little jersey girl born on the farm

Missy Adiego