Not As Planned

Again normal days of our family the not so normal of others. We are back to reality, kids back to school and our crazy schedules.  Lots of barn time getting Grant our new pony trained who is learning like a pro.  (saddled, bridled and lunging and yes standing like a gentlemen in the crossties)  Did I mention how cute this little guy is and how sweet he is with the kids.  Melts your heart! Joe has been working months (as previous blogged) on building a double 22 goat parlor.  That is a parlor that milks 48 goats at a time for all you non milkers out there.  It is the same parlor he designed for us that is now sold through GEA Westfalia.  Along with Arolo company and the hard working guys there and a few tweaks and endless hours (seriously...when I arrived all the guys had been up over 24 hours all of them sitting in the sun on hay bales with their boots off, looking officially exhausted) It is finally finished and up and running.  So the girls and I had an impromptu girls road trip to go see this very talked about parlor a wonderful non planned last minute off the calendar trip.  All I can say is WOW.  You walk in the milk barn is everything is spotless and shines and all those meters.  So we got the grand tour of the goat dairy visiting lots of new babies, along with all the other goats (who are sooooo friendly you have to watch your back, they like to nibble)  With a little insisting from the girls we decided to stay and watch them milk.  (which would only be the second time in the parlor for the goats)  All...I repeat ALL the guys laughed.  Wasn't sure what that was about, till milk time came.  1200 goats rush to the parlor holding pen.  9-10 guys rush to the milk parlor and it began.  Pure madness getting those oh so friendly goats trained to go into their slots and stand still, then run out of the barn....a fresh reminder those friendly goats also like to really jump.  So a few runs it got better so a few days they will be set.  I have to day I think a second side in our milk parlor should now be in the works.  Amazing how fast and efficient milking is (my excuse to bump a second side up on our milk barn to do list) We had a great day visiting daddy and seeing his work up and running.  SO proud of him and his handy little self...he keeps telling me he doesn't like me knowing all he can do and how handy he is because that honey do list will be even longer.  WELL...indeed!  So great days with lots of little girl smiles, lots of driving, lots of pony time, and one happy lady that we have SHEEP !! More to come!

Missy Adiego