Back At It!

Back at it we are.  Still enjoying our farm hikes, somewhat normal schedules and endless kid smiles.  Joe and I also had a chance to skip away and attend the artisan cheese festival and have a date day.  We enjoyed lots of great wine, yummy food and got to see a few familiar faces. Topped our day off with a little ice cream   stroll on the petaluma river.  Did I mention we live in such a fun little town?  Always feel lucky to spend some adult time together minus the kids, even though we always seem to find our conversations back to kids or sheep. Ahh..the grown up life!  After so many years together tiny date days make me realize how lucky I am and what a great guy I married. Thanks to the best babysitter ever (Angelina) who is so wonderful with the girls they kick us out when she arrives!   Our new pony Grant also arrived home to the farm this week.  He has been at another farm I ride/train at being trained.  Now his training is farm training.  Getting used to everything and anything.  Sheep, cows, chickens,goats, pigs, name it he is going to see it.  He loaded right up and Joe and I surprised the girls.  He has adjusted great for the most part (aside for his first time out on the large hills. He trotted off normal, then trotted off again. Soon he was over our hill and not a pony in sight.  After a long 4 wheel ride with Joe we found him. At the very top of the ranch a mile from our house.  Eating...just enjoying the view like everything was normal) so after Joe laughing...not at the pony, but at the fact I have to walk him all the way home.  I had to laugh and say he just has good taste!!  Came up for the views and good grass my kind of pony!  The girls they are over the moon with him taking care of him every day.  Add their goats Harry and Lou they are quite the farm girls and holding up well with their responsibility.  I am back at my house projects.  The purging has continued along with the fresh look to the girls room with a little re arranging and some new prints. Next step is painting Hadleys armoire. That simple little project has yet again given me the re decorating bug so more to come!
The farm....still lambing...still lots of milk....and still lots of projects. Just the way we like it.  
Stay Tuned!

Pony View
My beautiful walk home...all the way down to that white speckle in the distance

Pure happiness 

My next paint project

Our Milkers...this is why we have so many lambs!

Missy Adiego