Things always seem to be fast paced with our life.  We spend endless hours at the barn, doing farm projects and house projects.  As a mom I become so focused on getting my list done and make sure my kids behaving properly that sometimes you tend to forget to cherish the small things!  I am so so lucky to live the life I live and have such a great family.  A husband who works endless hours to support my shopping habits, who only gripes a little (he has come a long way) when being asked to do a house project.  I know we are a bit obsessed with projects (his with the farm, mine with the house) we are a project pair made in heaven.  I am so blessed with two adorable, healthy, very happy polite little girls.  I have been cherishing those smiles that are always around me and learning how precious each minute and every smile is!
The farm is beautiful. The weather has been amazing!  The girls and I got to take and afternoon hike up our giant hill (we have a giant hill behind our house that is quite taunting to climb up.  We have never made it to the top (I have toddlers in tow) well we did it!!!!!!!! It was so worth it.  We made it to the top and we were greeted with some wonderful licks from "Mo" our unsocial sheep dog who was on the hill ridge guarding his flock.  (and Joe thinks they are too friendly...he was working)  We made it to the top with only one child crying and one time out! Not bad in my book.  The sheep are finally getting sheared (glad everyone is healthy again including our shearers) so all the sheep will be not so woolly by the end of the week.  We have more new additions, yes I know, we are crazy!  Seven new Jersery cows came to their new home this weekend.  We had to add more cows so our lambs have enough milk for our little lambs! (did I mention that the lamb nursery is full) I buy ponies and Joe buys cows!  (not sure how good of a combo that is) A great week full of house and farm projects (we couldn't help ourselves) lots of lambs, little girl smiles, and wool!  

Missy Adiego