Farm and Family!

Well Joe and I did it!! Yes took a vacation....which with our schedules and life is not the easy thing to do.  We are so lucky to have a great team and help around the farm.  We are enjoying a family filled vacation the girls are enjoying grandma and papa along with 24 hour cuzzy time!!  Joe and I  are    filling every second with tropical drinks, family pool time and just days full of  relaxation
Blog catch up on the farm......busy as usual, projects as usual.  Another very special farm tour under wraps.  We are still lambing, and now milking 325 ewes and at an all time high of milk.  Joe was so excited the other day he made me climb up a ladder and look into the milk tank to admire that is was only a few inches from the top.  Happy moment for a sheep milker.  We got a copy of Sheep magazine this past week that features our farm in the magazine. (full article with link to follow) named chief shepherdess in the article, which...must mean I am Joes boss?? Or farm princess?  Who would ever think that would be my title? So relaxing days ahead, farm projects in the works, and lots more to come!

Missy Adiego