A Party, Ponies and the farm life!

Well after a few attempted planned parties at a 3rd birthday party for Hadley, this mom was ready to call it quits. Even after all that crafting.  We finally celebrated with a little art in the park party filled with adorable little kids, lots of art, and one happy birthday girl! We also welcomed our newest addition Grant (our new pony)!  Did I mention how adorable this little guy is? Did I also mention we so don't need another animal but we couldn't help ourselves.  Even Joe fell in love with this little guy (not easily impressed with horses or ponies...he just sees $$$)  The girls are in pony heaven.  He is not at the farm yet we are working on getting him kid proof before he comes home.  The girls have been a huge help in the pony chores and all that comes with ANOTHER pony!  I have been busy riding and teaching and along with both ponies I am keeping quite busy and loving every minute of it.  Feels great to be back at it!  Joe has still been doing his California commuting and building that new goat barn.  Can't wait to see it finished (early progress pic below) So again the girls and I have been flying solo (not as easy as the first week) Avery has been having quite a few tears this week and missing Daddy!  Looking forward to his return!
The farm, well since Joe is not around we are quite busy.  The girls and I along with Tony (my father in law) have to keep things running smooth, which with 4 employees and 1000+ sheep you can imagine!  The sheep are still lambing, even though this was supposed to be a slow week. Not so much!  The lamb barn is full ......FULL!  Next farm addition with be a new lamb nursery barn!  Our new, well new to us feed mixer is now here and running!  I have to say our sheep sure have the life. The feed is now chopped, mixed to fine pieces and fed. I never knew how detailed the feed regimen has become and how well these ladies eat.  Let's just say Joe makes their dinner,  and yes he also still makes ravioli from scratch. (you get my picture) We separated our milkers in a high producing string and low producing string and can now feed according to milk production and needs.  Our farm dogs, did I mention how adorable they are?  Oh and how SOCIAL they are?  Yes I know, not supposed to be.  They have been great except for a few afternoon road strolls and napping on the neighbors asphalt!   We also lost one of our ewes this week due to lambing issues. I am still adjusting to the loss of any animal we have on the the farm, and it being part of the farm life. I always get asked how great it is to live our life and on a farm it looks so wonderful.  It is wonderful and we love it. The pictures are always happy ( I obviously forget to snap miserable kid photos), but some days are not always sunshine and rainbows. We do have tough days, the girls do fight and cry.  (the crying usually happens on our walk home nightly)  pics to come! Our dinner is usually not as detailed as all of our sheep. I cry! Yes I do over the loss of an animal or sometimes just due to my kids fighting and being exhausted (it happens).  So the craziness continues, along with occasional tears and lots of smiles and our little life on the farm! 

Missy Adiego