Website and Re Designs!

Not sure how many times I have re arranged and re designed our home down to paint color, furniture, accessories.  Well I am back at it again.  My mom was looking for a new home for her oh so comfy hardly used sofa.  Well of course I would take it (thanks mom) had no idea if it would fit in our small house, it is very large...but did I mention, oh so comfy!! Joe knows the comfort of this sofa and loaded up kids and all to go grab this large comfy sofa!  So the re arranging and re designing begins, and wall arrangements still need to be done.  Again our small house acquires another large over sized item (a bit of an obsession for large scale items).  So making progress thanks to my hard working hubby.  (who usually takes a bit more nagging to get house projects done, we must be making progress on that front as well).  Excited to have a functional comfy living room!
The farm........well the new website is up and running for now.  A little updated redesign on the farm also  to freshen things up. (loving it, check it out here)  Lambs are still coming in full force (no joke) people always seemed shocked when they see all our lambs....then shocked when they find out, yes, all bottle fed by hand!  We had our weekends filled with farm projects, farm tours and lots of milking.  LOTS of sheep milk, which is a great thing for us.  The ladies are loving their new feed regimen and it is working GREAT!  Joe and I are excited to have a cheese maker come teach us how to make a special sheep cheese next weekend, looking forward to spending time with family and making another product with our milk (always fun)! So lots of re arranging, re designing, new projects and of course more painting ahead.  Stay tuned!

Missy Adiego