TO 2013!

Closing out yet another busy crazy year. Hence the lack in blog posts (and this extra long one to catch up)  The girls had a great Christmas filled with lots of family time and of course Santa, who came by and filled the house with fun gifts.  We then Jetted off to NY.....with my sister and niece and nephew.  Thinking traveling with four kids would be hard enough, we had more in store for us. Joe came down with the flu the night before we left so was counted out and feeling awful for flying. (so now 4 kids plus Joe)  We got caught in a storm (second flight canceled) and stuck in Washington D.C.we ended up meeting up with my dad who decided to drive to Washington to help drive us home so we wouldn't waste a day.  (best dedicated dad ever)We spent the next day (Hadley's third birthday) driving 7 hours home.  We finally made it.  A great trip spent sledding (a custom built sled hill in the back yard ramp and all), spending time with family, then....the flu hit us (all of us) so we were all sick for a good day.  Then one day left was spent with more sledding (did I mention the kids can't get enough) I even hit the hills and boy it is the same as when I was little. SO FUN!  Then home we went.  (or so we thought)  got to the airport and learned our reservation was canceled via the airline for some reason.  So 5am  an hour at the ticket counter and some really well behaved kids...(that is not a joke they were troopers) we finally figured out tickets.  Brey and the kids headed out first and Joe and I had to wait  a few hours, have a longer layover and then we finally arrived @ SFO.  Ahh...home sweet home.  After 10 hours in the airport I was ready to get home.  (very over travel delays)  Well in the cab we hopped off to get are car, and boom cab accident. (not joking either). So after another delay we finally arrived home to our house, to our beds!  Great trip, awful travel.  Not sure I am up for winter travel anytime soon.  Glad we made it home safe and sound, seeing that the travel cards were not working in our favor.
On the farm, well a week away brought craziness.  We left milking 130 ewes.  Arrived home to milking 240 ewes, 66 new lambs in less than a week.  Just when we thought everything was organized and running smooth.  It rained lambs, lots of lambs.  (and we aren't even close to being done)  Projects are at a halt for the time being while the milk parlor is in full flow, and 10 hours are spent with lambs. (yes 10 hours, 1 employee...bottle feeding by hand)  The lambs look amazing, the farm ran smooth.  My father in law, I am sure got a few more gray hairs while he was left alone to run the place the whole week.  We are excited for 2013 and what is to come.  Lots of new adventures, visitors and projects to come.  Looking forward to our new intern from Japan starting the end of January. So thankful for all our friends and family who help us on the farm and to a great staff who keep this place neat and tidy, and running efficiently while we are gone! More to come (sooner than later)!

Happy New Year!! Looking forward to a happier, healthier, brighter 2013!!

Missy Adiego