Just a normal day

Don't you just love the farm life?  I always wanted to live in the county and have animals, how fun it must be?  Well those are the most popular questions that Joe and I get almost on a weekly basis.  Yes we do love what we do it is our Lifestyle not a job.  We are very fortunate where we live and what we do.  Let me just explain it can be fun, but clearly the people asking the questions are not county folks.  Meaning, it is not like the movies.  Our days start early and finish late, the nice clean farm turns to winter mud.  The kids tend to get tired and cry on our walk home (hence my golf cart is still not fixed)  We go through many changes of clothes per day due to farm life dirt. ( I am still adjusting to Joe telling me on a daily basis don't wear my nice jeans out at the barn)  yeah, yeah, yeah.  When people hear we have all these animals they show such excitement   Well that excitement quickly fades when you have to feed all those mouths and weigh feed, make sure pony blankets are on, make sure the chickens and dogs and pigs are fed.  Get my drift (exhausted just writing it).  Well we are back it after a great family vacation, back to the normal day to day schedule (our normal anyways, where everyday is different)  The farm is in full swing, milking almost 257 ewes now with our overall herd average at an all time high.The lambs, well I have no idea how many.  A Lot! So many that the girls and I have been chipping in on extra work around the farm and I am doing lots of extra laundry.  So worth it seeing the girls smiles. Hard not to love our normal little farm life even with all the hard work.  SO worth it! More to come.

Missy Adiego