January What?

Yes another month came and went all to fast as usual.  We haven't seemed to slow down at all.......well actually yes we did we all got sick.  Yes again, due to those oh so nice winter germs.  Did I say I can't wait for spring.  Hadleys 3rd birthday party, got canceled.  Yes again.  Remember her first party in NY spent driving from D.C to NY?  Our family fun day was canceled then, her rescheduled party also got canceled due to both girls being sick. So hopefully third time is a charm with a little art party in the park with all her friends. Avery is also on the mend....and back to school after a few sick snugly days home with mom.  Let me just explain I cherish those sick day cuddles, seems like my two littles are slipping away and growing so fast.  (Yes they are 5 and 3 but still)  Joe is back doing his 4 hour California travel this week and working on his giant goat parlor.  It's looking great and he does some darn good work.  Pics to come later.  I have to admit I really miss him this week.  Last week was wonderful clean house, my tv shows, less laundry, calm kids.  You get my drift.  Well that can all come back now can't wait to have him home again.  The girls have been hounding him nightly when he can go pick up their new pony they have been waiting so patiently.  So Sunday is the day!! I have had my hands full.  Sleeping and being sick (yes a whole week) I told Joe, "you couldn't even bribe me up with a new show horse"  That is how sick I was.  So now on the up and up, house cleaned, party prep, back to the normal tasks.  
The farm well I have missed it while sick. It hasn't slowed down a bit. Our new intern Tomo arrived ready to work in his designer levis and leather jacket (yes no joke). Guess I am not the only one that thinks farm style is important!  He has jumped right to work and is loving the sheep and all the learning. The sheep are almost sheared (yes we did start over a week ago) well, the shearers got sick, then all our employees got sick, then well you know how it goes.  So it was put on hold.  So beauty shop starts up again next week.  Lambs, lots of new lambs.  Eighteen just today.  Did I mention how cute they are...seriously they are just adorable!! Guess it is like your own kids, a bit partial. Project fencing still underway.  Our sheep decided the grass is greener on the other side this week venturing to our neighbors.  So back to fixing perimeter fencing so they can't venture to our neighbors.  Let's face it when our sheep venture it isn't just a few sheep it is a flock a good 200 in a group along with our very supposed to be unsocial sheep dogs.  So yes the neighbors get a flock and a dog or two!  Lucky for us they are all so nice about it and don't mind our dogs napping on their porch.  (yes they have)! So a busy month gone another set to start and lots and lots of new things coming!! Stay tuned.

Missy Adiego