Cheesemaking, Lambs and a Change in Plans

Lots of things going on with our family and the farm lately.  Our new normal of  being very busy has continued.  The girls have been great enjoying their days on the farm filled with sheep visits, helping out and pony riding. We had a change of plans in a few things.  We decided to give Hadley a 3rd birthday party (which we were not planning on doing) well this low key art party of course has been more work than low key.  So excited for her to spend an art filled day with her friends.  She is very excited.  (pictures to follow)  Joe and I also had a cheese making class last weekend with the family.  I describe myself as "not much of a cheese girl"  well it was a blast.  We had an amazing time and it was actually really fun to make cheese especially with our own milk.  Although the waiting process for one of the cheeses is at least 6 months.  A HUGE thank you to Louella the SF Milk Maid who was amazing and so so fun and informative to work with.  Even Avery and Hadley enjoyed it!  We also had another change in plans....well I did.   We are adding a new pony to the family in a few weeks.  Yes, just what we needed!  Convenient for Joe he happened to be out of town when I just had to make the executive decision.  After looking at many ponies (even though we were not going to get one) all of them being Ok, or UNSAFE we came across this fancy little section B welsh that we (the girls and I fell in love with)  So Joe well, I just sent an adorable picture to break the news, and being the best hubby ever, he didn't complain much and said he was adorable!  So I guess he makes up for those un trimmed windows. The house projects aka the living room, and that big comfy sofa have continued.  It has stayed and did I mention I love it.  SO cozy!  A few days of rearranging and more re arranging I have finished (I think).  I also have a pair of antlers in the house. Yes again, I know who would have thought, and as Joe says they are tiny and from FOREVER ago.  What does he expect I am still adjusting to the rustic country life look not by any means ready for a head mount!
The farm.  Oh the farm!!!  Joe has been in and out of town working with his normal job (yes not sure how he has a normal job) installing a new giant milking parlor for goats four hours away so he has been commuting.  (as we call it California commuting)  In the meantime it has been shearing time for all our sheep. Did I mention how intense shearing is once you have a gazillion sheep?  Well it is a process a 4 day process. The ladies are looking slimmer and cleaner. The lambs are still arriving and we have 215 bottle fed lambs in the nursery pens (yikes).We also added four new brown swiss cows to our lamb supply herd.  They are adorable (yes you saw that right, cows are seeming to grow on me a little) happy to have more fresh milk for the lambs and happy to have the new ladies on the farm. Projects shall begin soon once we are finished shearing and our new intern arrives from Japan tomorrow!  Lots of wool (seriously lots) and lots of milk (lots) the ladies are LOVING their gourmet meals. Stay tuned  more projects and pictures  to come!

Missy Adiego