Tis The Season!

Tis the season?  What season....seems like the 1st of December was yesterday and now we are a week away from Christmas, hence the lag in my blogging. We are now officially in full work mode around the house and farm.  The girls have been filled with Holiday cheer and counting down the days till the big guy arrives.  Although it is quite puzzling to Avery how he will fit down our wood stove chimney? Hadley started preschool. She is now loving it.  We had a few weeks where every time I would drop her off at preschool she would be left in tears, then mommy would cry the whole way home feeling guilty.  Well that guilt has gone and my kid less mornings are busier than ever.  We are so excited to head back east in a week  to spend time with family and relax after the holiday rush.  Always fun to head back home!  House projects have been at a lull....just trying to keep the place clean with all the rain we have had this place is a mud pit!  I have managed to squeeze in some special friend time with my close girlfriends this month which is always cheap therapy.  (Thanks Hahn, Friss and Kat) Joe has been swamped and seems like we only catch up at dinner and nightly lamb checks. On a sad note we have a handicapped kitty.  Something seemed to have happened to Tully (our house/farm cat) who mind you the girls ADORE.  He went out at night and the next morning had no use of his hind legs. The vet was even stumped and had no answers.  He has gotten a tiny bit better taking a few steps at a time.  We have two great little nurses who have been helping him try to walk.  Hoping he has a quick recovery, otherwise Joe is going to have to build us a custom cat wheelchair for him.  I am sure he will be thrilled.
On the farm, it is wet and we have lambs.  LOTS of lambs.  We have been having quite a few ewes haveing lambs each day, so the lamb nursery is filling fast.  We have had lots of fun marked sheep (well to the girls and I anyways) Joe seems to like a uniform herd.  Looks like the luck is not swinging his way this season.  We have had lots of black and white lambs, even some spotted ones!  Projects are still in full swing with more new fencing being installed so our milk ewes can graze new fields during the day. The phase two lamb pens are now finished complete with new wire and corner feeders. Our new feed regimen is also now working AMAZING we have increased our overall herd production within a few weeks.  I have to say they now quite spoiled and having a variety of meals! The paint projects are haulted due to rain so these half painted buildings are driving me nuts (waiting patiently for the sun to shine).  We have some special visitors this month which we are very excited about (more to come on that later).  Looking forward to a fun filled busy Holiday Season!  Lots more to come.