Two Years to a Close

Well we were all so excited the rain is finally here.  Yes....the much needed rain!  Now the grass is already turning green and the sheep are going to be able to graze the nutritious fields that we carefully planted. Along with the rain comes mud.  Such a love hate relationship.  So hard to keep things neat and tidy when it rains we have sheep running from pastures then into barns makes for a muddy mess.  I have to say my nice investment in hunter wellies for the family have paid off.   We WEAR our rain boots.  [meaning they get a ton of use daily...all winter long] Although Joe seems to disagree saying the ones from the local dairy supply store are great also.  I can see us now having to make a quick trip to town dressed in matching husband and wife attire  I don't think so!! Things on the farm haven't slowed down one bit.  Joe had his second nutritionist meeting this week for our sheep and all good things came of it.  Hoping to really increase production starting next month due to a changed feed regimen.  Who Knew??  The lamb barn new sheep feeders are now done.  This enables us to let our lambs out sooner than before.  They went to bottle phase to creep feed stage in pens now we are just doing bottle feed stage to indoor/outdoor pens for the next phase.  The lambs are look amazing and are loving being able to go outside and play.  Pretty funny to watch them play outside for the first time.  The girls even were there for Emily [our soon to be next pet sheep] go outside and play.  They cheered her on and watched her run so hard and play she kept falling down, quite amusing to a 2 and 5 year old! With lambing season starting and more lambs approaching we hired another employee.[That makes 4 full time guys] Always amazing how many people, how many hours, and how much work it takes to run a sheep farm.  Again, who knew?? We are going into our third year of business from when we purchased our first batch of sheep.  Excited for what is ahead this next year.  Lots of things learned on the farm. 

What I do know.  Good farm rain boots well worth the money, you have to have farm style if you are out week whacking   Farm projects and work hours are never ending.  Sheep farm aisles are never as clean as I thought they would be.  My lavender filled pots work quite well on the farm, but you need much more than you think just like any other project material.  My farm golf cart is great...except when winter comes and it is missing its circuit board.  My husband complains about the farm life but can't wait to start and finish his days with it, and totally loves it.  My front window trim is NEVER going to be finished. Horse farms and sheep farms are QUITE different.  Our design arguments are quite often and not usually necessary we actually have pretty similar taste. [for the most part, although we will always have his and her home areas]  We have amazing family and friends who visit the farm,support us and always willing to lend a hand or shoulder for tears.[farm life is not always rainbows and me you have to adjust]  I never thought I would know so much about sheep and love them all so much. You can always use more help than you think. We will never know the exact number of sheep including lambs [dad] that is for you, there is a lot! I am still bound and determined to make this run down ranch that picture in my head. So lots of farm projects, a new sheep venture and lots lots more to come in year three!
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Missy Adiego