Rain, Floats and Boats!

November is coming to a close with a bang.  When I mean bang that means RAIN!  Which as a sheep farm we love rain that equals greener pastures.  Well for us it also means flooded roads, muddy paths,  generators and very white sheep.  Amazing to see the sheep like to go out an graze in this awful stormy weather we have been having.  Again if (I) had a solution for blankets for them I would not worry about them as much in the middle of the night. (insert cute little sheep blankets, like the pony blankets) Joe seems to think that I am becoming a crazy sheep lady (glad to know he is excluding himself) for waking him up at 3:30 saying it is really stormy and windy....and the power is out!  This weather also brings school closures! Yup....I know all of you east coasters are laughing.  We don't have snow days we have rain days! We take what we can get! I am learning that rain gear is going to be needed as much as our wellies around here.  Ahh...the country life, my christmas list has gone from J.Crew to rain suits and farm things, and house wants have gone to wanting a bigger mud room!
The farm has been WET...very very WET.  The ranch we are on is very hilly 378 acres Hilly and the houses and barns are on the bottom of the hills.  I always joke with Joe I no longer need a golf cart I need a farm boat, I can float on down to the barn from the house via creeks!  The rain continues and so do the projects.  Joe built a new sheep trailer this week (we had a metal wire crate for the sheep that we used with the new lambs that we brought in from the field) We now have an easy, sturdy, nice little sheep trailer that has already been put to good use.  This week also brought a new travel water trailer.  See being that those 378 acres are hilly and split into pastures we have to make sure we transport troughs around and make sure they are filled with a portable water trailer.  Well Joe also built a newly revised portable water trailer with built on trough and water float.  Not the prettiest thing but it works amazing! He told me it is his "Portuguese water trailer". Tony also got  all the lamb pens finished and gates welded for the upcoming lambing season.  They guys painted the milk barn (I gave up and painted it the same) I know still regretting it but I was out voted by guys saying the green should stay.  So the milk barn repainted along with my farm project building 1/2 primed before the rain hits. So a productive rainy close to November, lots more to come!

Missy Adiego