Ponies and a Puppy!

So on top of Joe and I being crazy sheep people, I have a special spot for all animals especially for pets.  Well that being said those pets all need special little housing areas that are cute and match the house.  Get my picture?  That means more work for the hubby.  Well this week Joe without a marital conversation of adding more pets to our already large pet family he brought home a border collie puppy.  His excuse, well Turner is getting older we have to get another one started.  Well I tried not to notice this adorable fluffy mini Turner running around my freshly mopped floors with muddy paws. Well  that could only last about 10 minutes.  SO....that being said we kept that fluffy puppy who now has the name of "Jack", and for Joe seeing that he brought that cute little fluffy pup home he is in charge of building that cute fluffy pup a house as cute as him.  Again his version and my version not eye to eye.  Right now they are living in his version ( a dog kennel with large plastic barrels for a dog house) so anyone who drives by our house....we are just in the middle of another marital design spat that won't be there long!!   On top of puppies I have been searching for a new pony for the girls to ride.  What?  Another pony?  Yes.   We have Kingsley who is the perfect pony all around fancy little guy EXCEPT.....he seems to become a stallion as soon as he is around any other horse or a mare forget about it!! He becomes a complete new pony complete with pawing the ground, rearing, stallion calls you name it he does it where you can't even handle him.  Yes all from this calm adorable pony at our farm that is great with the kids and the girls ride around everywhere. So the hopes of the girls being able to ride him places or even show him is not in his stars. (good thing I did a little trial visit to another farm) We think he was probably used as a teaser stallion and gelded late.  So what does that mean?  We have a pony who is only 7 (ponies live to 30) that is going to be a lifer.  [Lifer =lifetime pet at missy and joes]  so insert not a happy hubby here.  We now have two lifers Kingsley and our adorable pet sheep Oreo,and soon to be pet sheep Emily and now I am looking at other ponies. Insert crazy animal lady here! Well after pony shopping, and taking Joe to see a few ponies his solution, put in an arena and the girls can ride at home till they need a bigger pony. My thoughts! Perfect for now! 

Missy Adiego