Well it is official Joe and I are crazy sheep people. It was a very busy week on the farm when is it not?  Good question.  Looks like this is our first year of milking all year round.  Which is great for us that is a whole lot of sheep milk, and a whole lot of lambs, a whole lot of bottles and lots and lots of hours.  We did our pre winter ultrasound of all our non milking ewes on the farm (602 ultrasounds)  to find out when our ewes are due to lamb.   We have 450 ewes confirmed pregnant due to lamb in phases starting in 30 days, another batch in 60 days, and another batch in 90 days.  SO any willing and able bodies that like to bottle feed cute little lambs by hand you know where to head!!  How do I manage to only keep one sheep a year as a pet?  Another good question, if it were up to me I would have had and endless amount of named sheep in cute painted little sheep sheds which would equal one grumpy husband!  Hard to believe that two years ago we just purchased our first group of sheep, I had never set foot on a dairy, had no clue the projects and work ahead of us and now we are crazy sheep people (more to come on that)  Stay tuned!

Missy Adiego