A Month Of Thanks!

Well yet again another month is coming to a close.  I am not sure where 2012 went?  This month was a month filled with great things and a month to reflect on what we are thankful for.  Joe and I have been saying we are so lucky for our family and our extended family.  We are surrounded by great family and friends and enjoyed our Thanksgiving holiday with doing just that, enjoying the special people in our lives.  It is always hard for us to slow down and take a break from the farm life.  Oh yes.....there are no breaks we even work Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Everyone chips in allowing us to finish early so we can enjoy the day, even all our workers (who we are also thankful for) .  Our turkey day was filled with two meals....yes two...and yes, my waistline expanded.  We spent the morning and early lunch out in Bodega day with my side of the family and then the afternoon with Joes side. It was a enjoyable day spent with family and lots of things to be Thankful for.  On the home front.  Joe and I finished our day being thankful and went right into a marital holiday spat.  Real or Artificial tree.  We have always had a real tree (which I love and fully support) but........we have two small kids, a wild cat, and a new puppy.  See my picture....pine needles everywhere, not like I don't already clean all day every day I was not into a real messy tree this year. So Joes words aside I decided to make a household decision and do an artificial tree.  The results..easy, perfection, and CLEAN.  The girls didn't seem to notice (although, Joe will never let me forget ruining the Christmas experience with a fake tree). The house area and pony barn are all decorated inside and out and we are in the holiday spirit around the farm. The girls elves Eddy and Olly  (the elf on the shelf) have returned and behavior has made an extreme improvement.  Love those little elves, they are so powerful!  Hadley is also all signed up for preschool and starts in December.  So excited for her, bust so sad for me.  Hard to believe she is going to be 3 at the end of December and old enough to attend preschool :(  Avery, well she is  too funny she provides us with daily entertainment with her comments and her imagination seeing we are heading into the holiday season.  She is so so excited to head to New York in a few weeks and see snow and visit Papa Ron and Grandma Stephanie. 
On the farm, we are as usual busy! We had our IMS approval last month (Interstate milk shippers) we have to be a grade A dairy along with IMS approval since we supply milk to a farm that ships their product out of state.  (for all of you non farm readers) Projects are still underway. Lamb barn feeders are finished.  The milk ewe barn feeders are now finished so they are able to eat from both sides.  (we have limited amount of barn space) so year three, brings great use of space on the farm and redesigning the feeders is project #1. This will enable us to have more eating room  for the sheep and be able to feed with a  feed wagon.  The lamb barn pens are no being reconfigured with wire instead of wood and being doubled in size for our second phase  lambs. So that is in progress now. We are still lambing slowly and expect that to rapidly increase as the month goes on. Our fields are growing  (thanks to the rain) we are no longer seeing brown and a few fields are also ready for the sheep to graze. We are excited to paint the milk barn and new farm buildings (well I am) we will have a nice crisp farm paint for our Christmas decorations.  So a great month full of so many things to be thankful for. Lots more to come! 

Missy Adiego