Wonderful Weekends

A week filled with birthday parties, a teacher conference (all positive except I have a tad bit bossy little girl on my hands. Surprise, Surprise) a pumpkin patch field trip, and cuzzy time. Sometimes in the midst of our crazy schedules Joe and I have days here and there where we can skip away for the whole day to enjoy the family.  This weekend was an extra special one celebrating the cutest little man out there.  Landon our nephew turned 1.  We enjoyed a special birthday celebration of family time, cake and PRESENTS.  Did I mention I am a huge present fan (especially kid ones) so fun to see the reactions. We also had a chance to see Disney on Ice which was a great show.  The kids....let's just say they were priceless, complete with yells, claps, and pure joy.  So Joe and I cherished the moments every single one of them.  We both said we are so lucky to have such a great family and fun adorable kids.  I myself also had a great weekend of enjoying my oh so wonderful husband. In a nutshell he woke up @ 5am to work on my farm project this weekend (which is coming along amazing, more to come on that later) then he enjoyed a special night with the girls while I had a moms night out with some girlfriends (those moms night drinks are getting harder and harder to recover from)To top it off he made a special coffee stop for my pumpkin spice latte after a long day.  Did I mention how lucky I am?  Aside from our design marital spats, he is one special guy who I am so so lucky to have!!  
On the farm we are as busy as ever...all of us.  Thanks to my obsession with projects and project re dos.  I have had a change of heart on paint colors for the farm and seeing we are going to be doing quite a bit of painting with the new farm projects I decided to paint the milk barn.  Oh yes....the husband thinks I have issues.  Well...possibly, but I am a sucker for a clean and crisp farm.  So once the weather clears up I am looking forward to fresh new paint colors!  We are now starting to lamb again, which I think is posted in every blog.  (just a few here and there until the big lambing starts in December) The about of lambs here this year has been quite amazing.  In December we will have milked a full year without ever stopping, which was our goal to milk year round and always be milking over 100 ewes.  Project fencing is still underway with another huge section done and the ewes enjoying yet another big pasture. We also had a great meeting with a sheep nutritionist (exciting stuff new feed regimens) more to come on that later. So lots of happy moments make for a wonderful weekend.  More to come!

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