Counting Sheep!

Hard to believe October is almost over. Things have been the normal busy.  The girls and I had a chance to catch up with some friends and carve pumpkins. Fun to have a night of mom chat, great food and little smiles!  Avery opted out of the party to spend time with grandma and papa (she knows how to play her cards) She knew Grandma had to go to Costco and of course got some fun goodies.  So Hadley and I enjoyed our special day.  Speaking of October she will be 3 in December yikes.  Starting to grow up fast...really fast.  In a normal mom outburst [mom outburst = little to no patience left and screaming children means mom starting to head down crazy path] I decided to wean Hadley of her binky.  Yes she still had it, and loved it.  Seeing that she looks older than she is, people probably thought poor kid still has her binky....what's wrong with that mom?  Well we did it.  Now on day two...which is better than day one.  There should be a darn recovery program for weaning the binky.  So back on track we are excited about Halloween and all that goes along with it!
On the farm, the craziness is still in effect.  Lots of new lambs on the ground.  More perimeter fence is done and the sheep are in their new pastures. All the pastures on the farm are now being planted with rye grass and vetch so they have nice healthy grazing fields! The painting project has been halted...seeing that it has rained quite a bit.  Excited to get going and get that done. Yes a tiny bit obsessed with neat/tidy and paint.  I happened to have a free morning with just Hadley and we were able to spend the morning out at the farm.  We counted sheep, no joke.  Most people count sheep to sleep, we count ours at breakfast (literally)  A good check every morning making sure our pasture counts are right and all those mouths we are feeding and lambs we are raising are nice and healthy. If there are any sheep that look off or a runny nose anything out of the ordinary they come down to the barn to be watched. Ah the farm life, and by the way who knew there were so many sheep......any time Joe mentions another baby I abruptly remind him we are feeding 1000 sheep and lambs where do you see another baby [the human kind] fitting in?  Point made.  So the crazy farm life continues more projects to do and more sheep to count! 

Ellie...such a busy dog, lots of things to do

She found him "Oreo" that is not a chance in catching him 

One to come down to the barn

At it again she never stops

Missy Adiego