Weekend Round Up!

So the Post title seems suited since our weekend as always is set at a crazy pace.  I so miss the days when pajamas were my daily attire and all I had to worry about is feeding kids and nap time.  Well now it is on the ground running early and my days are always packed with something.  This weekend was a great one. Starting off with our weekend soccer game.  Avery is really starting to get it...actually kick the ball. Although the number of boy teams still seem to out weigh our all girl and one boy team.  So the girls do seem to not be as aggressive.  Avery had a little boy push through her literally this past game, and she seemed to find the time to catch up with him and say "Hey you pushed me" love it!  We also had cuzzy Layla at the game to cheer Avery on so sweet to watch.  I also had a chance to skip away with my best friend Kristin and go to the Eat Real Festival in Oakland.  What can I say love food festivals.  It was a great day filled with beer in mason jars, great food, amazing desserts and even a little sunburn.  Joe and I completed our weekend round up with house projects!  Yes everyone...you heard me right house projects.  We are back at it.  Long story short my dryer broke this past week, so in the mean time I have been frequenting my parents and in laws for a little dryer usage.  SO that is how it started.  Our back room redo.  We got a new stackable for the back room, seeing that space seems to be an issue, and I never had a place to store boots, hang coats, do laundry AND a place for my vacuum.  Without much persuasion I let Joe have at it an build some storage, hang racks, install the new stackable the way he thought. We even had a successful trip to Lowe's with out a marital argument, made for a great weekend.  So a little lesson learned as much grief as I give the hubby, he seems to be learning and even seems to be having a better design aesthetic.  It came out great, he seems to work better when I give him choices and not nagging.  Who would have thought?  We also got around to hanging another shelf in the bathroom for storage, and cleaning out the girls playroom. So a great weekend round up filled with kids smiles, honey do check list progress, yummy food and a busy week to come.!!

Eat Real Festival

Making a beer cute in Masons

Playroom Mess (Not usually this messy)
Back to normal
Mudroom Before
Mudroom After

A Little Extra Bath Storage

Always need more coat hooks on a farm
Missy Adiego